About Snoho Soapco

Our mission at Snohomish Soap is above all to create an “authentically local” handmade soap that surpasses all of the others in terms of fragrance, beauty and quality. We also work with women who (for whatever reason) are unable to find employment outside their homes.

Frequently its kids, sometimes its aging parents, it might be due to a disability of some sort. I have a friend in Ukraine who’s asked me to come work with her, helping women who stay home as primary caretakers for their disabled children, for example. Regardless of the circumstances, nothing is worse than not being able to contribute to your family’s financial health when it desperately needs you to.

Through our model of distributed micro-manufacturing in kitchens across the country, we’re throwing old norms on their ear. It helps us, it helps them. By developing this model, we’re also able to produce “authentically local” deliciousness for natural product lovers across the globe: here, Ukraine, Chicago or Philly.

Tell your friends, tell your neighbors. We’re new and we’re wonderful and we’re…

real. good. soap.

Let it bubble up!
Cindy Todd
Founder & CEO

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